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Developing Materials in Tending to Worldwide Difficulties
- Materials Congress 2019

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Material Congress 2019 clears a stage to globalize the examination by introducing an exchange amongst ventures and scholarly associations and information exchange from research to industry. Materials Congress 2019 points in broadcasting information and offer new thoughts among the experts, industrialists, and understudies from territories of Materials Science and Nanotechnology to share their exploration encounters and enjoy intuitive talks and exceptional sessions at the occasion.

The delight of going to Materials Congress 2019 carries with it, change and incremental development in your way to deal with getting things done, in the more extensive way to see things and the magnificence to live universal decent variety.

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Welcome Message

Allied Academies takes the benefit to welcome Speakers, Undergraduate, Agents, and Exhibitors from over the globe to its lead meeting, Annual Congress on Materials Science Conference to be held  April 22-23, 2019 at Barcelona, Spain. 

Materials Congress 2019 is an exceptionally outlined bunch of a program that gives a typical stage where industry meets the scholarly community to examine the current issues and incident. It fills in as a scaffold between specialists from the scholarly world and industry, upgraded by its efficient logical sessions, entire addresses, publication introductions, world-class presentations, Various Symposiums exceedingly improved workshops and B2B gatherings. 

Market Analysis


Materials Science and Engineering is an acclaimed scientific discipline, expanding in recent decades to surround polymers, ceramics, glass, composite materials and Biomaterials. Materials science and engineering, involves the discovery and design of new materials.  Many of the most pressing scientific problems humans currently face are due to the limitations of the materials that are available and, as a result, major breakthroughs in materials science are likely to affect the future of technology significantly. Materials scientists lay stress on understanding how the history of a material influences its structure, and thus its properties and performance. All engineered products from airplanes to musical instruments, alternative energy sources related to ecologically-friendly manufacturing processes, medical devices to artificial tissues, computer chips to data storage devices and many more are made from materials.  In fact, all new and altered materials are often at the heart of product innovation in highly diverse applications.


Yearly assembling investigating Materials Science, should make the best assembling submitted with Materials science specialists giving a chief particular discourse for announcing weight and taking in regards to those latest new time advancements made throughout the traverse from asserting period close by looking at their arrangements. 

Materials science is evolving consistently. A huge number of concoction and material combinations make tests for researchers when applying them with true provisions that buyers touch consistently.Material mediums are characterized as naturally visible composites, having a man-made, three-dimensional, occasional cell engineering intended to deliver an advanced blend, not accessible in nature. They demonstrate excellent physical properties, for example, negative porousness and permittivity. The centrality of materials is that they enable architects to control wave proliferation by masterminding the unit cells in various ways. For instance, however copper is a decent transmitter and seems bronze in shading, a materials planned out of copper can be built to be a separator and reflect yellow. Main considerations that drive the market development are capital venture from open and private sources and exceedingly gifted analysts for item commercialization. Moreover, the one of a kind designed properties of material mediums are not found in nature, making them intrinsically significant. In any case, wasteful research notwithstanding enormous venture is required to limit the market development.

Focus Audience

• Materials science researchers.
• Materials science Professors.
• Researchers also learners.
• Metallurgical commercial enterprises.
• Materials cooperations.
• Metallurgical and  material science particular architects.


Market measure for Value Added Materials is predicted to develop considerably quicker than the normal development of broke down mechanical divisions. Their piece of the pie is relied upon to become lopsidedly high in the closest future. In normal, it is to achieve 17percent compound yearly market growth(CAGR4) in every single broke down division. Our analysis demonstrates that cutting-edge materials as of now impact modern and financial intensity. They will assume an undeniably noticeable part in deciding aggressiveness later on, as these applications will impact an extensive piece of business sectors, constituting in the vicinity of 6 and 8 for every penny of aggregate market esteem. We propose that the European Commission discuss more with the speculation markets (funding and other private financial specialists) so as to guarantee better advancement introduction of the examination. This should likewise diminish the basic time-to-advertise pointers for Value Added Materials.

The willingness of financial specialists to designate their assets into ventures associated with improvement and market execution of Value Added Materials is exhibited in Figure. Interviewees plainly trust that the most encouraging speculation divisions without bounds are vitality and condition, which make up more than 60 for each penny of the accessible theoretical portfolio. ICT and car were not exceedingly positioned by private speculation guides. They contemplated that expansive undertaking’s own examination speculations made their inclusion superfluous and that these enterprises were to a great extent tended to by private capital in past decades (particularly ICT industry).

 Inside the vitality division — which guarantees the most development potential in future —our examination demonstrated the greatest potential in the vitality stockpiling field, which collected 33% of the conceivable speculations. This demonstrates batteries and vitality stockpiling in huge frameworks are basic issues for future advancement of numerous territories of the economy. Following this were the interests in materials for vitality age and transmission. At long last, vitality investment funds had sensible offer of the potential future market and accordingly was positioned fourth in this area.


Track: 1: Basics of Material Science and Engineering

The syncretic method for Materials Science and its perplexing qualities attracting various researchers towards this field to examine at blue skies. Materials researchers underline seeing how the historical backdrop of a material (its preparing) impacts its structure, and in this way the material's properties and execution. The comprehension of handling structure-properties connections is known as the materials worldview. This worldview is utilized to propel understanding in an assortment of research regions, including NanotechnologyBiomaterials, and Metallurgy. Generally, Materials can be organized into two sorts: crystalline and non-crystalline. Metals, semiconductors, pottery and polymers Nanomaterials and Biomaterials are a part of the sorts of Materials.

·                  Observations in Metallurgy, Mineralogy
·                  Industrial Sciences, Earth Sciences
·                  Nano Technology
·                  Bio Materials
·                  Recycling of Materials

Track: 2: Advancement of Materials

New materials and advancement of materials play a crucial role in emerging technologies that have been the major growth areas for the economy. Advancements in solar power, Medical advancement can all be achieved from new Materials and their utilization for the advancement.

·                  Application of Polymers
·                  Advanced Crystallography
·                  NanoTechnology
·                  Studies on Basic Materials and Properties 
·                  Studies in  Archaeology 

Track: 3: Material Science in Health, Medicine and Medical devices

Biomaterials have been playing their role in Medicine and Medical equipment like Bio engineering and Tissue engineering to counter serious hazardous diseases. Bio materials also played its role in countering diseases like Cardiac failure, Bone dislocating, Dental, and in almost all health issues. More researches are yet being performed to improve existing techniques and equipment.

·                  Dental Biomaterials
·                  Tissue engineering and regenerative Medicine
·                  Properties of Bio Materials
·                  Bio Photonics and Bio Medical Devices

Track: 4: Material Science in Metal Alloys

Alloys are the combination of Metals. Metals are highly crystalline in nature which is the source to their ability in deformation plastically and in resisting failure under heavy loading. Study of Metal Alloys has now been the interesting part of the Material Science. Iron, the metallic alloy in use today has the largest commercial value. Due to the chemical reactivity
of metals like Aluminium, Titanium and Magnesium have recently developed wile copper has its significance from considerably long time.

·                  Material Science in Metallurgy
·                  Applications of Material Science in High Carbon Steel.

Track: 5: Material Science in Mining

Mining designing includes the extraction of assets from the earth and their refining to crude mechanical materials. Quite a bit of this includes geography, mechanical designing, concoction building and such. Materials science is "further down the production network" engaged with applying a large number of the assets of mining to particular innovative work. Some of this can include applications to items yet frequently designs (particularly mechanical and concoction engineers) do that all the more regularly, depending on crafted by materials researchers to enable them to choose what materials to utilize.

·                  Material science in surface Mining
·                  Industrial Properties.
·                  Underground Mining
·                  Drilled wells                               
·                  Dredging and underwater Mining.

Track: 6: Properties of Materials Science

Materials Chemistry gives the circle between nuclear, sub-atomic and super sub-atomic conduct and the valuable properties of a material. It lies at the centre of various substance utilizing ventures. This arrangements with the nuclear cores of the Materials, and how they are masterminded to give particles, precious stones, and so on. A lot of properties of electrical, attractive particles and compound materials develop from this level of structure. The length scales included are in angstroms. The path in which the particles and atoms are reinforced and sorted out is key to concentrate the properties and conduct of any material. The figure for R&D development in the concoction and propelled materials industry demonstrates the enhancing worldwide economy and the key markets the business serves. U.S. Research and development overdoing it in chemicals and propelled materials is figure to develop by 3.6% to reach $12 billion of every 2014. General worldwide R&D is figure to grow at a marginally higher 4.7% rate to $45 billion out of 2014.

·                  Material Physics
·                  Material Chemistry
·                  Thermo Dynamic Properties
·                  Electrical properties
·                  Mechanical properties
·                  Optical Properties
·                  Magnetic Properties
Track: 7: 
Materials in Ceramics and Composites

The primitive earthenware production made by people were stoneware objects, including 27,000-year-old puppets, produced using mud, either without anyone else's input or mixed with different materials like silica, solidified, sintered, in flame. Later pottery were coated and let go to deliver smooth, hued surfaces, diminishing porosity using lustrous, undefined earthenware coatings over the crystalline artistic substrates. Earthenware production right now incorporate household, mechanical and building items, and in addition an expansive scope of artistic workmanship. In the twentieth century, new clay materials were produced for use in cutting edge artistic building. Polymers are explored in the fields of Biophysics and macromolecular science, and polymer science (which include polymer science and polymer material science). Composite materials are by and large utilized for structures, scaffolds and structures like pontoon frames, swimming pool boards, race auto bodies, shower slows down, baths, stockpiling tanks, impersonation stone and refined marble sinks and ledges. According to the worldwide market investigation, in 2014, the Composite materials industry is required to produce income of roughly 156.12 billion U.S. dollars.

·         Ultra high Temperature ceramics
·         Glass Ceramics
·         Ceramic composites
·         Ceramic Applications
Track: 8:
 Material Sciences in Spintronics

Spintronics on a very basic level contrasts from customary hardware in that, notwithstanding charge state, electron turns are abused as a further level of flexibility, with suggestions in the productivity of information stockpiling and exchange. Spintronic frameworks are regularly acknowledged in weaken attractive semiconductors (DMS) and Heusler composites and are exceptionally compelling in the field of quantum registering. Spintronics rose up out of disclosures in the 1980s concerning turn subordinate electron transport marvels in strong state gadgets. This incorporates the perception of turn enraptured electron infusion from a ferromagnetic metal to a typical metal by Johnson and Silsbee (1985) and the disclosure of monster magneto resistance freely by Albert Fert and Peter Grünberg. The starting points of spintronics can be followed to the ferromagnet superconductor burrowing tests spearheaded by Meservey and Tedrow and beginning investigations on attractive passage intersections by Julliere in the 1970s. The utilization of semiconductors for spintronics started with the hypothetical proposition of a turn field-impact transistor by Datta and Das in 1990 and of the electric dipole turn reverberation by Rashba in 1960.

·                  Basic research on Spintronics
·                  Future applications

Track: 9: Semi Conducting Materials and Circuits

The investigation of semiconductors is a huge piece of materials science. A semiconductor is a material that has a resistivity between a metal and protector. Its electronic properties can be significantly changed through purposefully presenting debasements or doping. From these semiconductor materials, things, for example, diodes, transistors, light-radiating diodes (LEDs), and simple and computerized electric circuits can be constructed, making them materials of enthusiasm for industry. Semiconductor gadgets have supplanted thermionic gadgets (vacuum tubes) in many applications. Semiconductor gadgets are made both as single discrete gadgets and as incorporated circuits (ICs), which comprise of a number—from a couple to millions—of gadgets fabricated and interconnected on a solitary semiconductor substrate.

·                  Electric Circuits
·                  Integrated Circuits
·                  Diodes, Transistors, LED

Track: 10: Material Science usage in Aircrafts and Engine Manufacturing

An audit of advances for flying machine motor auxiliary materials and procedures is introduced. Enhanced materials, for example, super alloys, and the procedures for making turbine plates and sharp edges have majorly affected the ability of present day gas turbine motors. New auxiliary materials, quite composites and intermetallic materials, are developing that will in the long run additionally upgrade motor execution, diminish motor weight, and along these lines empower new flying machine frameworks. Later on, fruitful aviation makers will consolidate item plan and materials brilliance with enhanced assembling techniques to expand creation proficiency, improve item quality, and diminishing the motor advancement process duration.

·         Super Alloys, Aerospace Exploration
·         Applications of Super Alloys

Track: 11: Diamonds and Jewellery

An engineered precious stone (otherwise called a manufactured jewel, refined precious stone, or developed jewel) is jewel delivered in a fake procedure, instead of regular precious stones, which are made by geographical procedures. Manufactured jewel is likewise generally known as HPHT precious stone or CVD precious stone after the two regular creation techniques (alluding to the high-weight high-temperature and synthetic vapour testimony gem arrangement strategies, individually). While the term manufactured is related by customers with impersonation items, simulated precious stones are made of a similar material (unadulterated carbon, solidified in isotropic 3D form). In the U.S., the Federal Trade Commission has demonstrated that the option terms research centre developed, lab made, and [manufacturer-name]-made "would all the more plainly impart the idea of the stone".

·         Thermal conductivity
·         Properties of Synthetic Diamond
·         Applications on Synthetic Diamond

Track: 12: Graphene properties of Metals

Graphene was the initial 2D material to be separated. Graphene and other two-dimensional materials have a not insignificant rundown of one of a kind properties that have made it an interesting issue for exceptional logical research and the advancement of mechanical applications. These additionally have colossal potential in their own privilege or in blend with Graphene. The unprecedented physical properties of Graphene and other 2D materials can possibly both upgrade existing innovations and furthermore make a scope of new applications. Unadulterated Graphene has an outstandingly extensive variety of mechanical, warm and electrical properties. Graphene can likewise incredibly enhance the warm conductivity of a material enhancing heat dispersal. In applications which require high electrical conductivity Graphene can either be utilized without anyone else or as an added substance to different materials. Indeed, even in low focuses Graphene can significantly improve the capacity of electrical charge to stream in a material. Graphene's capacity to store electrical vitality at high densities is remarkable. This property, added to its capacity to quickly charge and release, makes it appropriate for vitality stock.

·         Graphene and 2D properties
·         Carbon Nanotubes
·         Graphene Synthesis

Track: 13: Photonics and Advancement

Photonics is the physical study of light age, location, and control through outflow, transmission, balance, flag preparing, exchanging, enhancement, and recognition/sensing. Though covering all light's specialized applications over the entire range, most photonic applications are in the scope of obvious and close infrared light.

·         Applications on Photonics
·         Research on Photonics

Track: 14: Nano Materials and Nano Technology

Nanomaterials are the components which has no less than one spatial estimation in the size scope of 1to100 nanometer. Nanomaterials can be created with different tweak dimensionalities. It can be unmistakable Nanostructure, for example, quantum dabs, Nanocrystals, nuclear bunches, Nanotubes and Nanowires, while get-together of Nanostructures incorporates clusters, congregations, and super cross sections of particular Nanostructure. The substance and physical properties of Nanomaterials can significantly vary from the mass materials or nuclear atomic of a similar creation. Uniqueness of basic highlights, elements, science, reaction and energetics of Nanostructures constitutes the base of Nanoscience. There are various ranges of worry in the Nanomaterials advertise which are unsurprising to be investigated in the moving toward years, for example, Nanoparticles or Nanocrystals of metals and semiconductors, Nanowires, Nanobiological frameworks and Nanotubes,. Nanomaterials-2018 welcome participants, moderators, and exhibitors from everywhere throughout the world to London, UK.

·      NanoParticles·         

-      Nano Devices

·      Advancements in Nanomaterials

·      Nanotechnology in Medicine

·      Applications in Nano Technology.

Track: 15: Future Applications of Nanotechnologies and Bio-Nanomaterials

Nanomedicine can be characterized as medicinal use of nanotechnology. Nanomedicine ranges from the restorative utilizations of nanomaterials and organic gadgets. Nanomaterials can be helpful for both in vivo and in vitro biomedical research and applications and reconciliation of nanomaterials with science has prompted the improvement of cutting edge demonstrative gadgets, exercise based recuperation applications, explanatory instruments, differentiate operators and medication conveyance vehicles. Nanoscience and Molecular Nanotechnology is the new edges of science and advancement in Europe and around the world, working at the measure of individual particles. Top specialists and what's more policymakers general praise the focal points it would pass on to the entire society and economy: a vast segment of them request the key part research would play in the quality creation strategy to make exploitable game plan of advancements by the European business inciting a choice of exceptional applications, things, markets and gainful wage sources.

·         Nano Medicine·  

-         Nano Bio-Technology

·         Nano Fabrication

·         Nano Patterning

·         Nano Lithography

·         Nano Photonics, Nano imaging and Nano Spectroscopy


Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Ephraim Suhir
Portland State University
Medford, USA
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Cho, EunAe
Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Seoul , South Korea
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The University of Queensland
Queensland, Australia
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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Chicago, USA
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University of Birmingham
Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Ottawa, Canada
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University of Groningen
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California South University
Los Angeles, USA
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College of Science and Engineering City University of Hong Kong
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
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Kalasalingam University
Chennai, India
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Associate Professor Dr Nadras Othman
School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Engineering Campus, 14300 Nibong Tebal, Penang, Malaysia
Bedong, Malaysia
OCM Member
Melese Worku
Debre Tabor University, Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Debre Tabor, Ethiopia
Yuk Choi Rd , Hong Kong
OCM Member
Pavle V. Radovanovic
Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo Penghui Yin, Hanbing Fang, Yi Tan, Manu Hegde
Béjaïa , Algeria
OCM Member
Lee JH
Nokia Bell Labs
Dublin, Ireland
OCM Member
Oara Neumann
Rice University
Newyork, USA
OCM Member
Dr. Abdeen Mustafa Omer
Energy Research Institute (ERI)
London, United Kingdom
OCM Member
Sungeum Kim
1Department of Nuclear Medicine, Korea University Anam Hospital, 2Department of Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Center, Division of Cardiology, Korea
Busan, South Korea

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